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All posts of Coworking Fuori Salone Milano (Via Ventura, Lambrate) in English language.

“Working at Cowo Lambrate enriches my work day by day” – interview with Linda Carcione, coworker

Coworking, as we know, is made up mostly of people who, through their work, their personal characteristics, their ablity to network, make every space different…

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Design Week Ventura Lambrate: Day 5 @ Cowo. As to say “Can I breastfeed my baby in here?”

It’s Saturday, one day before the final day: today, traditionally, it’s when at Design Week you see lot of families and really few professionals or workers.…

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Design Week Ventura Lambrate Day 3 @ Cowo. As to say: suprise visits and a coworking related interview.

How do you begin a FuoriSalone day? As usual by going to work. But going to work after we left (around 22 last night) a neighborhood…

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