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Cristina Tajani, Milan Council member for Labor Policies, is a speaker at #CowoCamp14

The open and constructive conversation between the CowoCamp – National Barcamp on coworking organized by Cowo Lambrate – and the Milan Council, participating to the CowoCamp for the 3rd year in a row, goes on.

Cristina Tajani speaker at CowoCamp 14

We think the interesting Founding Voucher politics on coworking is an initiative born together with the Chamber of Commerce to support existing coworking is also born from this ideal affinity.

The Council’s official presence this year is committed to the Council Member for Labor Policies Cristina Tajani – we’re glad to meet her again after having her at our Cowo in November 2011 as a guest.

As in the Agenda, her speech “When the coworking tells a better city” will be at 11.20 am.

Cowo Lambrate


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