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“Working at Cowo Lambrate enriches my work day by day” – interview with Linda Carcione, coworker

Coworking, as we know, is made up mostly of people who, through their work, their personal characteristics, their ablity to network, make every space different from any other.
Now we are going to interview Linda Carcione, 34, a young entrepreneur from Sicily and above all a coworker in our Coworking
Cowo Space in via Ventura 3 Milan Lambrate.

Coworking Cowo Lambrate: Linda Carcione’s story

Linda, in a few words: who you are, what you do and why? What are your passions and how long are you staying here?

Linda Carcione Coworking Cowo Lambrate
Linda Carcione

“I work in fashion and communication. My company, Linkdonna, has its heart in Sicily and it has the ambition to grow inside and outside Italy. Struggling with the (many) joys and (needed) pains of PMI, I always look open to the world and great curiosity about what goes on around me. In addition to my work, I love to travel and dabble with decapage, perhaps giving new life to old objects. I have been working in the coworking for 2 years!”

Why have you chosen to be based in a coworking as that of Via Ventura Lambrate and more generally why have you chosen a coworking space?

“I chose Coworking Lambrate because this is the place whern the concept of coworking in Italy was born. What better place, then, to share experiences and knowledge? I tried not only a location, but a place to get in touch with diverse skills and / or complementary to mine. Ok, I chose it because it was close to home :-) I often travel for work in Italy and in Serbia, but when I am in Milan I like to return to Cowo, where I expect not just colleagues, but with coworker stories to tell. More generally, the coworking was, and still is, a good solution for me at the time, in fact, to free my “phenomenal cosmic powers” I take much more than “a tiny living space” (quote from Aladino movie).

What are in your opinion the positive aspects of a coworking that you can hardly find in other places?

“In a coworking you get a chance to look out from the comfort zone, thanks to professionals who have a different work. I am convinced of the enrichment which can be generated by an open and consistent with active people in different fields, whether bribes or even away from their sector. It can benefit, then, the appearance of sociality, without the possible tensions that sometimes are created within the same department / office. Last, but not in order of importance, the coworking is the ideal place to grow their network of professional contacts and, why not, start new and interesting collaborations. ”

And going in practice, how to work in a coworking space has improved your work and your approach to work?

“I would say significantly. Work in a coworking space has enriched my work for new ideas and insights. I think that my creativity has drawn new life from this experience. There are ideas that are born near coffee machine, that come just for fun and who knows where it may lead! ”

And how important is the fact of being in a neighborhood like Lambrate with its events and, not least, the Fuorisalone?

“Very important. Lambrate seems a district in turmoil and with a large untapped potential. Design week is the time in which you can see this fully: we have the impression of being in an open-air laboratory, in every meter stumbles in some exhibition or event, the streets are crowded with onlookers and tourists . It ‘a very special and exciting that would be nice to recreate during the year, not only in the Design Week. To this we are already thinking: there are several work sites open, on the initiative of citizens, workers and neighborhood associations as Made in Lambrate “.

Thanh you, Linda!

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